How To Launch An ICO Successfully in 2019 πŸš€ – How to Create a Cryptocurrency Coin

How To Launch An ICO Successfully in 2019 πŸš€ – Step By Step, How To Do An Ico On Etherium Platforms. To get your FREE consultation with me so we can make your ICO
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If you want to learn how to create a cryptocurrency coin so that you raise enough money for your project, my video explains in detail what to do.

Here’s how to launch an ICO successfully in 2018 and 2019
1. Review other ICOs to see what you need to work on
2. Create The Business Plan For Your ICO
3. Create the white paper of your ICO.
4. Build Your ICO’s Team
5. Resolve your ICO’s legal issues
6. Create your ICOS’s website
7. Secure your ICO platform and do your ICO’s smart contract
8. Announce your ICO and Let The Investors Pay

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