How To Build A Crypto-Currency Mining Rig (Simple Mining Operating System)

Tech & Rigs Episode 1 (2nd April 2018) – How to build a cryptocurrency mining rig using SMOS (Simple Mining Operating System)

Shopping List
You can find everything on amazon if you copy and paste everything below. i also recommend using over-clockers or scan if you live in the UK.
– Motherboard with 8 PCIE ports
– Processor
– RAM – 4gb min
– Graphic Cards – 8 NVidia or AMD
– 1800w Power Supply
– Surge Protectors
– Rig Frame

Key Words
OS = Operating System
SMOS = Simple Mining Operating System
CPU = Processor
GPU = Graphic Card
RAM= Random Access Memory
BOOT= Load The Operating System

Produced by Nicholas Hudson & Benjamin Blackmore

Narrated by Nicholas Hudson

Soundtrack by Blackmore –

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