China’s Gold-Backed Digital Yuan – What It Means For Gold, Crypto, and Money!

In this video I respond to a viewer who said that China’s Digital digital Yuan will be backed by gold and that it will restore faith in money, and unseat Bitcoin as the leading crypto currency.

As it stands today there are a lot of rumors and conspiracies going around about China’s Digital Yuan and in this video I am try to get the facts, and expose the lies and false rumors for what they really are.

If you put your money in Crypto, Bitcoin or Gold, you won’t want to miss this video!

As this is a follow up to another video, I highly recommend you check out the first part introducing the Digital Yuan that I did, link here:
In that video I clearly explain that if China has a currency that appreciates in value (like gold does) it would destroy one of their biggest businesses – which is cheap exports of stuff to other countries (that’s an important point I do not cover again in this video).

0:00 – Intro

2:25 – Gold Crypto Exists – here I talk about the concept of gold-backed crypto not actually being a novel idea and I list the gold-backed cryptos you can buy today.

4:45 – China doesn’t have enough gold to cover their entire money supply – here I explain exactly how much China says they have – how much people suspect they have, what the value of it is, how much it is of world gold reserves, and it means for the Digital Yuan.

9:58 – China is all about control – how does gold impair their ability to control to money supply? I answer it here.

10:44 – Conclusions and full summary of what the digital yuan will be – but more importantly what it won’t be! Be sure to watch this part to the very end!

Links to sources:

China Gold Stash Figures Article:

China Money (M1) Supply Data:

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