Total Harmony Between Spatial Fluidity And Natural Light

In the State of Mexico, this 800-square-meter project conceived by the architects of RXY and the interior designers of the Project Committee is airy and warm at the same time.

Architecture: RXY

In Metepec, State of Mexico, the RXY teams for architecture and the Interior Design Project Committee worked on an ambitious remodeling . The original structure of the house with an area of ​​800 square meters consisted of a very orderly planted with columns that gave life to various small spaces and corridors. The purpose of the transformation was to create more fluidity . To achieve this, walls and slabs were removed, which allowed the common spaces to be reunited with the outside. It was also sought to take advantage of natural lighting and the orientation was taken into account to ensure the highest possible level of thermal comfort throughout the house. Trees surrounding the house provide shade, particularly on the large terraces on the upper floor where the bedrooms are located.

In the hall, a dome dresses and receives the reflection of an olive tree. Together they frame the stairway path that distinguishes between public and private programs, ”commented the RXY architects. Thanks to the doors that run in the walls, the spaces stand out for their flexibility since they can be connected or separated depending on the needs of the inhabitants and the times of the day.

The two levels of the house are different in terms of materials and shapes. The ground floor is more robust thanks to the use of parota wood, while the upper floor gives a feeling of greater lightness.

The surrounding vegetation is an important element of the project , providing visual freshness and tranquility in spaces that are welcoming. Textures and natural light combine in every corner of this three-bedroom home that has a family room, a gym, a study, a wine cellar and a parking lot for up to six cars, among others.

Bathed in natural light and adorned with warm hues and pops of vivid color thanks to artwork, this elegant home is a harmonious haven of peace.

Author: Victor Price